Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Snow Days

Snow days are some of the most anticipated days of the school year for students; the extra day off to work on that project, or study for that test, or for some, just relax and lounge around in your pjs all day. For me, I wake up at 7, and in the wintertime, check my phone and go on the website to check if its a no bus day, and when it is, I jump for joy and run into the next room to tell my mother the good news that she's stuck with me for the day and go back to sleep. After a well deserved nap I generally go downstairs and play on the Playstation until mother gets up. Most kids would say that snow days are the best days of the year, but for the rest of the population, they are less then optimal. Adults have to get up in the mornings to get to work, instead of sleeping in they are expected to be there, so they have to spend an extra 20 minutes to an hour to clear out the driveway. The roads are slippery and hazardous and cause accidents. This is generally a frustrating experience for anyone who needs to go to work, and if your child is to young to stay home alone, you need to find another child care service to watch them while you are at work. All in all, snow days may be fun for high school students and some kids, but are an annoyance to adults and the working class of people.


  1. I agree snow days are a well needed break

  2. I agree with you Spencer! But when you get a snow day right before your first exam it makes you realize how many questions you would have rather asked then just sitting at home sleeping or wasting your precious time in some other way.

  3. Very true, an inconveniently placed snow day.